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Tūtaekurī River

The Tūtaekurī River rises in the Kaweka Ranges and crosses the Heretaunga Plains to flow into the Pacific.  It shares a river mouth with the Ngaruroro River and the Clive/Karamu.  

The Tūtaekurī catchment has significant ecological values associated with its aquatic and riparian ecosystems and significant habitats of indigenous fauna and flora. The catchment supports a regionally significant brown and rainbow trout fishery. The angling activity is spread throughout the catchment, with the Tutaekuri main stem the most sought after fishery. The trout populations in the catchment are self sustaining, with trout spawning occurring in a number of tributaries. 

Recreational activities, such as swimming canoeing/kayaking and fishing occur along the river and there is a camping site near Dartmoor.

It is included in the TANK Plan  - standing for the Tūtaekurī, Ahuriri, Ngaruroro and Karamu catchments on the wider Heretaunga Plains - which is well underway in looking at new policies for managing land and water.   

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