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Mahia-Northern Coast, Nuhaka

This area includes a number of coastal catchments in the northern part of Hawke's Bay. Waikatuku Stream enters the Rahui channel which drains Whakaki Lake, while Tuhara Stream flows into the western side. The Nuhaka River drains a large area close to the Mahia peninsula. Kopuawhara and Opoutama Streams drain north and south of the tombolo which connects the Mahia peninsula to the rest of Hawke's Bay. The Whangawehi River, and its tributary Te Mangatupae Stream are located on the Mahia Peninsula.

The northern coastal area is dominated by soft sedimentary geology. The Waikatuku catchment is dominated by plantation forestry and high producing exotic grassland, whereas high producing exotic grassland is dominant in the Nuhaka catchment. The upper Kopuawhara catchment is primarily used for exotic forestry. Small patches of native cover and low producing exotic grassland are located directly upstream of the monitoring site. The Opoutama catchment is dominated by high producing exotic grassland, with part of the lower eastern catchment area covered in scrub.

The Whangawehi River on Mahia Peninsula is the focus for a community project run by the Whangawehi Catchment Management Group to help restore the streams that flow into the Whangawehi River. Work has included fencing off nearly all the river, retiring 65 hectares of land bordering the river and planting 165,000 trees.

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