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Pareora River/Pureora

The Pareora River/Pureora is a medium-sized hill-fed river located approximately 10 km south of Timaru. It is used recreationally for swimming, fishing, and picnicking. The catchment area includes rolling hills in the upper and middle catchment with two gorges, opening out into a flat alluvial valley in the lower catchment. Land use in the upper catchment is low to moderate intensity pastoral grazing of sheep and cattle, and some native and exotic forests. In the lower reaches is moderately intensive pastoral grazing, cropping, and dairying.

Water quality monitoring in the upper reaches of the river shows moderate to high water quality, especially in terms of clarity, nutrient and microbial quality. While the microbial quality of the lower reaches of the Pareora River is generally good, nutrient enrichment and low stable flows often result in nuisance growths of algae and macrophytes detracting from aesthetic and recreational values.

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