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Canterbury region


Canterbury has a long and varied coastline with numerous rivers and lagoons/hapua. Most of the recreational beaches are close to Christchurch and around Banks Peninsula, with a few sites at Timaru and along the North Canterbury coast and Kaikoura. 

Coastal recreational water quality is monitored weekly at 45 sites in Canterbury. Monitoring starts in November and runs through the summer. Each site is graded at the start of the season, based on the results from earlier seasons, on its suitability for recreation. The grade takes into account the potential sources of faecal contamination and the risk of getting sick from swimming.  Samples are collected and analysed during the monitoring season with faecal indicator results posted on the Environment Canterbury website within 36-60 hours of the sample being taken. The local district or city council along with Community and Public Health are responsible for public signage and warnings if high levels of contamination are detected at a particular site.


Monitored beaches in the Canterbury region

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