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Bay of Plenty region

Waingaehe at SH30

The Waingaehe at SH30 site  was installed as part of the Rotorua Lakes Protection and Restoration Programme.

The stream is fed by spring inflows and the flow at this site averages around 0.25 m3/s. Flows can get as low as 0.11 m3/s and as high as 12.68 m3/s.

Flow Data
Scientific data for this flow site
  • Live Flow Data
    Latest sample:
    Percentage of time flow exceeded
    High flowLess than 5%
    Elevated flow5% to 29%
    Normal flow30% to 69%
    Reduced flow70% to 94%
    Low flow95% to 100%
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    • Last 24 hours
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days

    Key figures

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    Other notable measurements

    Floods Month/Year Flow
    July 1982 12.682