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Bay of Plenty region

Bore 2504 at Beach Rd

This bore was installed in 1983 to improve understanding of groundwater resources in the Bay of Plenty.

The bore is 140m deep and intercepts Waiteariki Ignimbrite.

Bore Site Data
Scientific data for this bore site
  • Current water level
    Latest sample:
    Percentage of average level
    Very highOver 150%
    Normal to high100% - 150%
    Low to normal50% - 100%
    Very lowLess than 50%
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    • Last 6 months
    • Last 12 months
    Water level

    Key figures

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    Notable measurements

    Month/Year High Level (m)
    November 2013 2.339
    Month/Year Low Level (m)
    August 1994 -0.174