Lake Rotoehu algal bloom warning

A health warning has been issued by the local Medical Officer of Health for Lake Rotoehu due to a bloom of potentially toxic blue-green algae.

This health warning means that people should avoid any activity which results in contact with the water.
These algal blooms have the capacity to release toxins into the water which can cause significant ill-health to anyone who has contact with the water. The toxins can affect the nervous system causing numbness and difficulty with breathing, and also sparking asthma attacks. Contact with the water can also cause skin rashes, stomach upsets and visual problems.
Signage advising the public about the algal bloom will be erected at the location by the local council.
The health warning for Lake Rotorua remains in place and levels of potentially toxic cyanobacteria in Ohau Channel are extremely high and contact with the water is to be avoided
Further information:
- List of up-to-date health warnings for the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts: www.toiteora.govt.nz/health-warnings