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The Wainui sub-catchment is 13 kilometres north-west of Tauranga and located between Esdaile and Work Roads.  It is 5058 hectares and for planning purposes includes the Apata sub-catchment.  The catchment area flows from the Kaimai Ranges in the southwest to Tauranga Harbour in the northeast.  The Wainui sub-catchment is part of the Tauranga ecological district.  The sub-catchment is about 18 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide.  It includes 191 kilometres of stream margins and 12 kilometres of harbour margin.  The Wainui River sub-catchment has four named tributary streams (Waitioka, Parapara, Pahangahanga and Kaipoko) and numerous unnamed tributaries.  The Wainui River and its tributaries are classified as aquatic ecosystem streams.

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