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Lake Rotoehu

Lake Rotoehu was formed by the lava damming of a river valley. Exotic forestry in the catchment area has increased since 1977 and land cover is now evenly distributed between forest, indigenous vegetation and pasture. Geothermal inputs enter the lake via a stream to the southeast at Waitangi Springs and possibly through groundwater in the southwest. There is no lake outlet, but water flows through a hole in the bed near one of the northern arms, where the 13.5m maximum depth occurs.

The Lake Rotoehu Action Plan was finalised in 2007. This is a long-term plan to improve water quality through changes such as better farming practices, weed harvesting and the creation of wetlands. The plan sets out a range of actions to reach nutrient removal targets of 8,880 kg/yr of nitrogen and 708kg/yr of phosphorus. Nutrient removal actions have been implemented including hornwort harvesting, phosphorus locking of the inflows from Waitangi Springs, and land-use changes.

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