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The Kopurererua Stream catchment is long and narrow and covers an area of 7,405 hectares.  The stream extends north to south and emerges at the southern end of the Waikareao Estuary in the Tauranga Harbour.  In the northern end of the catchment river sediments deposited by the stream are surrounded by Te Ranga ignimbrite.  To the south the catchment geology is dominated by Mamaku and Waimakariri ignimbrite and older river deposits.  Almost half of the catchment is in pasture with approximately one third in indigenous vegetation and a small amount in exotic forestry.


Water quality monitoring is carried out at State Highway 29 and the stream is characterised by relatively high suspended solids loads.  Increasing trends have been identified for bacteria (enterococci and faecal coliforms) and nitrogen while there is a decreasing trend for phosphorus.

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