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Lake Okareka at Steep St Reserve

Located on Millar Road, Lake Ōkāreka's Steep Street Reserve is popular during the summer months for swimming and picnicking.

This small and little-visited lake is a place of much charm, surrounded by hills nearly everywhere thickly wooded. The Okaraka Loop road gives access to it from before Blue Lake or on the left at the end of the beach at Blue Lake. Anglers find good sport there, but otherwise its solitude is not disturbed yet. Places to access the lake include the jetty at Acacia Road where there is parking and picnic tables, at Miller Road and Steep Road, the Boyes Reach Reserve and for those wanting a longer stay, a DOC campsite is at the end of Miller Road. From 15 December to 1 March inclusive dogs are not allowed on the reserve between the hours of 9am to 7pm. Outside this time dogs can either be leashed or unleashed but must be controlled at all times.

Recreational water quality

Summer Monitoring:

Many councils monitor popular recreational sites weekly over the summer months. This lets swimmers know what the most recent bacteria (E. coli) levels were. Remember, even for sites where the monitoring has shown an acceptable to swim test result, some conditions can make them unsuitable to swim in from time to time and we recommend that you avoid swimming after heavy rainfall for 48 hours.

Overall Recreation Risk:

The Overall Recreation Risk is a guide to give a general picture of water quality at a site over the recreational bathing season. Updated annually, it is calculated from bacteria (E. coli) data collected over the last three years during the summer monitoring months. The Overall Recreation Risk indicator is a precautionary approach to managing health risk and is not designed to represent health risk on a particular day. As such, a site can have an Overall Recreation Risk of ‘Caution’ but still be suitable for swimming some of the time.

See the factsheet on coastal and freshwater recreation monitoring for more information.

  • Summer season monitoring

    A recent snapshot based on a single sample


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    Summer season monitoring history

    • Last 4 Samples
    • All samples this season
    E. coli sampling graph
    E. coli sampling table
    Sample Date Status Result Observations

    What do the icons mean?

    Acceptable – continue routine monitoring
    Acceptable – Alert. Increase monitoring and investigate source
    Unacceptable – Action. Immediate re-sample, public warning issued if required, increased monitoring and investigate source
  • Overall recreation risk

    The long term risk status based on three years of data

    {{rating() | uppercase}}

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    Overall recreation risk information

    Human health for primary recreation: overall recreation risk
    Minimum data points required 30 Number of data points available {{dataPoints() | number:0}}
    Lowest E. coli per 100ml value {{minValue() | number:0}} Highest E. coli per 100ml value {{maxValue() | number:0}}
    Hazen percentile result {{hazenResult() | number:0}} Overall recreation risk {{rating()}}

    What do the icons mean?

    People are exposed to a very low risk of infection (less than 0.1%) from contact with the water.
    People are exposed to a low risk of infection (between 0.1 and 1%) from contact with the water.
    People are exposed to a moderate risk of infection(between 1 and 5%) from contact with the water.
    People are exposed to a high risk of infection (greater than 5%) from contact with the water.
    There are not enough data points (samples) at this site to generate an Overall Recreation Risk result.

This data is collected by trained council staff and analysed by accredited laboratories. Regional Councils are currently reviewing the methodology of how to best calculate recreational water quality. Once new guidelines are established, they will be applied to this data and the appropriate Cawthron Tick will be given.

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