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Lake Okareka at Steep St Reserve

Located on Millar Road, Lake Ōkāreka's Steep Street Reserve is popular during the summer months for swimming and picnicking.

This small and little-visited lake is a place of much charm, surrounded by hills nearly everywhere thickly wooded. The Okaraka Loop road gives access to it from before Blue Lake or on the left at the end of the beach at Blue Lake. Anglers find good sport there, but otherwise its solitude is not disturbed yet. Places to access the lake include the jetty at Acacia Road where there is parking and picnic tables, at Miller Road and Steep Road, the Boyes Reach Reserve and for those wanting a longer stay, a DOC campsite is at the end of Miller Road. From 15 December to 1 March inclusive dogs are not allowed on the reserve between the hours of 9am to 7pm. Outside this time dogs can either be leashed or unleashed but must be controlled at all times.

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