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  • Why this status?

    Click here for detailed information on water quality monitoring

    The science

    Summer season monitoring

    LAWA shows the best available water quality information to help you decide where to swim.

    Special Status

    Special Status

    Unsuitable for swimming.

    This site has a long-term notice in place, as there is a moderate to high risk of illness for swimmers.

    Sites with this special status have a history of poor or highly variable water quality. 

    This status is applied if known risk factors occur, such as:

    • having known discharges (e.g. stormwater, sewage) impacting on water quality, or
    • having consistently poor water quality based on monitoring data collected.


    Heavy rain flushes contaminants from urban and rural land into waterways and we advise you not to swim for 2 – 3 days after heavy or prolonged rain – even at sites that generally have good water quality. Check that the water is clean and clear before taking a dip.

  • Unpatrolled

    Stay safe - never swim or surf alone. Find out more.


    Unpatrolled Beach

    When swimming at an unpatrolled beach please watch out for yourself and others, never swim or surf alone, be aware of the dangers and know your limits. If in doubt, stay out.

  • What's at this site?

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    Activities & facilities

    Site suitable for these activities and has these facilities

    Our lakes, rivers, and beaches are great natural playgrounds but they can be unpredictable.  Be aware of other potential risks such as rips, strong currents, sudden drop offs, or underwater objects before jumping in.  LAWA recommends that you avoid swimming for 2 - 3 days after heavy rainfall and follow the advice of any warning signs in place.




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    Picnic area
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Green Bay Beach