Tank talk Friday 26th Jan

My fellow canines,

If you are heading to the water this weekend, here’s what my human informants say you need to know!

Stay away from:

  • The Hutt River at Silverstream – there are very high levels of toxic algae in this area and we advise you and your humans keep clear of the stretch between Pomare Bridge and Moonshine Park.

Be careful around:

  • The stretch of the Hutt River from Moonshine Park to Birchville – Toxic algae levels are on the increase!
  • Porirua Harbour at Wi Neera Drive boat ramp – There are high levels of bacteria and we advise against swimming there at the moment.
  • Waterways on the Kapiti Coast – Water quality has been a bit variable, so stick to the beaches and steer clear of river and stream mouths.

It’s all good at:

  • The Pakuratahi River in Kaitoke Park!

Looks like we are in for a bit of rain today – so keep in mind our golden rule “wait for 2 days after rain before you swim again!” and check our interactive map at http://mapping.gw.govt.nz/GW/RecWaterQualityMap/RecWaterQualityMap.htm for the latest water quality info.

Woof, Tank