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Whareroa Stream

The Whareroa Stream is located on the Wellington Region’s west coast just below Paraparaumu. This small stream flows from the foothills of the Akatarawa Forest and through Queen Elizabeth Park before discharging into the sea on the west coast.

The stream has high native fish values, and is listed in the Regional Freshwater Plan as a water body with nationally threatened indigenous fish recorded in the catchment. These include the koaro, giant kokopu and banded kokopu.

 The Greater Wellington Regional Council carried out routine monitoring at two sites within the Whareroa Stream Catchment area until June 2016. These sites were monitored as a part of a programme specifically designed to measure the health of streams in the Wellington Region.

The Whareroa Stream drains a predominantly pastoral catchment and generally has poor water quality. The main pressures on the catchment and stream water quality include run-off from surrounding pastures, as well as low flows during summer months which can result in a build-up of nutrients and periphyton.

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