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Orongorongo River

The Orongorongo River is a shallow, braided river, located to the east of the Wellington Harbour, and runs almost parallel to the Wainuiomata River. With headwaters in the Orongorongo/Wainuiomata Catchment area, the river flows in a southerly direction before discharging to the Cook Strait on the south Wellington Coast.

The Orongorongo River contributes up to five percent of the Wellington Region's bulk water supply, providing water to the region's four main cities.

Greater Wellington Regional Council carried out environmental monitoring in the lower reaches of the river until July 2016. Recreational water quality is not assessed in this river.

Around 90 percent of the Orongorongo River catchment is native forest and scrub. The river is located  in one of the largest and most pristine lowland forests in the lower North Island. Therefore, environmental health and water quality of this river is generally very good. 

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