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Motuwaireka Stream

The Motuwaireka Stream is located on the eastern Wairarapa Coast. With headwaters in the Ngaumu Forest, the stream flows in an easterly direction before discharging into the sea at Riversdale beach. 

The lower reaches of the Motuwaireka Stream form a lagoon at Riversdale beach, which has historically been a popular fishing and bathing site for many people.

Greater Wellington Regional Council carried out environmental monitoring in the upper reaches of the Motuwaireka Stream until June 2016. Recreational water quality monitoring is not carried out.

The predominant landuse of the Motuwaireka catchment is indigenous forest, although sheep and beef farmland is also present in the mid to lower reaches of the catchment.

The water quality of this stream is generally good in the upper reaches of the catchment, but is poorer at the stream mouth. It is likely that this is due to the clearing of indigenous forest in the lower reaches of the catchment, which has resulted in increased agricultural run-off and sediment loading to the stream. 

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