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TSB New Plymouth

The TSB Bank building monitoring site represent the general ambient air quality for the central New Plymouth area.

The site was selected to represent what was expected to be the 'worst case scenario' for air quality as it is in the middle of the CBD, between two main roads and rows of shops. It is also located on the "crossroad" of the prevailing wind directions from north-west and south-east in the path of air flows having already passed over the residential areas of the southern part of the city. The method used for air quality monitoringi is a Beta Attenuated Monitor (BAM) equipped with PM10 size selective inlet. Continuous sampling was conducted for five months over the period January 2010 to May 2010. The monitoring results was incorporated with traffic counts at two locations at the intersection of Courtney and Gover Street and Devon Street (courtesy of NPDC).

Scientific Indicators
Scientific data for this site

This dashboard shows information on the data collected by the regional councils for air quality scientific indicators: