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Taieri River at Waipiata

This site was suitable for swimming 77% of the occasions sampled and unsuitable for swimming on 9% of the sampling occasions.

Our data tells us that the source of bacteria is ruminant (sheep/cows), and therefore we recommend you stay out of the water for 48 hours after rainfall or after high river flows to avoid swimming in rural-run off that can contribute to high bacteria concentrations.

The Taieri River has a catchment area of 5650km². This upper catchment site has a popular swimming hole.

Last updated September 2021.

The Taieri River flows through the dry, 660km² area of the Maniototo Plain, west of the Rock and Pillar Range. At the southern end of the Rock and Pillar Range is the man-made Logan Burn reservoir; part of the combined Maniototo Irrigation and Hydroelectric Scheme. A secondary reservoir for this scheme is located near Paerau.

The river follows an extremely meandering course through large scroll plains in the Maniototo. These are unique and scientifically important features of the upper catchment, land use in this area is increasingly used for dairy farming. Waipiata is located downstream of the scroll plains.

Waipata will track changes in water quality as a result of recent agricultural intensification in the upper Taieri. Waipiata is also a minimum flow site.

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