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The Taieri catchment between Tiroiti and Waipiata is bounded by the Ida Range to the north, the Kakanui Mountains to the east, the Rock and Pillar Range to the South and the Maniototo Plains to the west and has an area of approximately 579km2.

The Kyeburn is the main tributary of this reach and one of the most significant tributaries of the Taieri River with a catchment area of 367 km2and

The Kyeburn is a significant trout spawning area, a significant juvenile trout development area. The Kyeburn and its tributaries contain the largest roundhead galaxiid population currently known and is a significant habitat for flathead galaxiid. It also has a significant presence of trout and eels.

The Kyeburn can be dry in sections while the Sutton minimum flow (Taieri River) is not being breached.

Danseys Pass was once well used for gold mining traffic. On the Maniototo side of the Pass was the relatively successful Kyeburn River dredging and Kyeburn gold diggings, which were discovered before the major findings at Naseby. Races dug by Chinese miners into the hillsides scar the landscape of the Kyeburn.

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