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Kaikorai Stream

The Kaikorai Stream has a total catchment area of 55.4 km2 and flows in a south westerly direction for approximately 14.5 km down the Kaikorai Valley into the Pacific Ocean near Waldronville, approximately 10km south of Dunedin city centre.   The catchment is contained by Kaikorai Hill to the north and to the west lie Abbots Hill, the Chain Hills and Saddle Hill.  The catchment includes the western flanks of Dunedin city and all of Green Island.  The remaining area includes the communities of Fairfield and Waldronville. 

The urban nature of the catchment, with numerous stormwater outfalls discharging into the stream compromises water quality. The Fraser Stream is a major tributary of the Kaikorai Stream and the Dunedin City Council discharge up to 560 litres per second from the Mt Grand Water Treatment Plant to MacLeods Creek (a tributary of Frasers Stream).  This flow significantly increases the water quality and instream values contained in the Kaikorai Stream.

During the summer there is weekly monitoring at some sites. See the Otago Regional Council website for details.

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Monitored sites in the Kaikorai Stream catchment

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