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Urban Streams

Urban streams (ie streams which mainly flow through an urban environment and have high levels of modification) include the Todd Valley Stream, Oldham Creek, Brook Stream, York Stream, Jenkins Creek, Arapiki Stream, Poorman Valley Stream, Orchard Creek, Saxton and Orphanage Creek.


Almost all of Nelson's urban streams are in a poor state and no longer provide healthy conditions for the animals and plants that rely on them. Waterways that are physically, chemically and biologically degraded or very degraded  include all of the water bodies in the Stoke area, the Atawhai and Glen streams, and the lower reaches of Brook Stream.

These small urban streams have elevated nitrates, high bacteria levels, poor water clarity, and low aquatic animal scores. Stormwater from household, garden and industrial activities combine with fine sediments and pollutants from roads and earthworks and are transported to the streams in storm water and runoff. Elevated nutrients and high temperatures caused by unshaded stream banks promote increases in aquatic plants and slime during summer months that are detrimental to aquatic animals and limit stream flows.

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