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  • Why this status?

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    The science

    Summer season monitoring

    LAWA shows the best available water quality information to help you decide where to swim. For many sites there are two types of information available, the weekly sampling result and the overall bacterial risk.

    Water quality test result

    Latest E. coli result

    The weekly sampling result is a snapshot in time, and is a guide to the recent water quality at this site.

    Overall bacterial risk

    Overall E. coli risk

    Overall bacterial risk is important to consider. Based on 3 years of data, it is a guide to the general water quality at this site.


    Heavy rain flushes contaminants from urban and rural land into waterways and we advise you not to swim for 2 – 3 days after heavy or prolonged rain – even at sites that generally have good water quality. Check that the water is clean and clear before taking a dip.

    Conditions may have changed

    There has been significant rain since this site was last sampled. This may have affected the water quality at this site.

    Potentially toxic algae can rapidly bloom to harmful levels, and not all freshwater sites are monitored for toxic algae. Play it safe — if you can see toxic algal blooms in rivers or lakes, avoid contact or choose another site to swim.

    What do the icons mean?

    Suitable for swimming – This site is generally suitable for swimming. The recent water quality result met national swimming guidelines or the overall bacterial risk is low.
    Caution advised – Water quality is usually suitable for swimming but young children and older people may be at increased risk. Avoid swimming if it has been raining heavily recently. If potentially toxic algal blooms are present, avoid contact.
    Unsuitable for swimming – This site may be a health risk and is not considered suitable for swimming most of the time.
    Not available – There is no recent water quality result available, or there are not enough data to calculate an overall bacterial risk result for this site.

    Summer season monitoring history

    • Samples this season
    • Samples from last 3 years
    E. coli sampling graph

    Overall bacterial risk information

    Long-term risk guide based on three years of data
    Minimum data points required 30 Highest E. coli per 100ml value {{maxValue() | number:0}}
    Number of data points available {{dataPoints() | number:0}} Lowest E. coli per 100ml value {{minValue() | number:0}}
    Hazen percentile result {{hazenResult()}} Overall bacterial risk result
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    Our lakes, rivers, and beaches are great natural playgrounds but they can be unpredictable.  Be aware of other potential risks such as rips, strong currents, sudden drop offs, or underwater objects before jumping in.  LAWA recommends that you avoid swimming for 2 - 3 days after heavy rainfall and follow the advice of any warning signs in place.



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