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Awapuni Drain

The Awapuni Drain is a lowland rural drain that provides drainage from a small catchment area which has a wide range of industrial and rural activities taking place within it.

The Awapuni Drain provides drainage from an area that prior to draining was a large wetland situated quite close to Gisborne City and stretching along the coast behind sand dunes to discharge into the Waipaoa River. The catchment area is small (14km2) but it captures a range of discharges from industrial sites.

Awapuni drain follows a path through land zoned industrial ‘B’ and discharges from a range of activities are monitored along the drain as part of resource consent conditions. Industrial activity includes: lamb processing, fertiliser mixing depots, a closed landfill (and associated aftercare programme, bark composting, a large wood processing plant and intensive horticulture.

The area that the Awapuni Drain flows through is very flat and not much above sea level in altitude. This makes the flow of water sluggish when freshwater needs to be drained from the vicinity. The flow is also tidal for most of the catchment and the drain has tidal flaps at the exit into the Waipaoa River. The tidal flaps restrict the ability of water to discharge into the Waipaoa.

A feature of the area is Sistersons Lagoon. This lagoon is fed by remnant springs and discharges into Awapuni drain. The lagoon is subject to successful community restoration work and hosts school groups regularly, providing educational opportunities.

Gisborne District Council has information from several sites on the Awapuni Drain. Most are associated with monitoring specific resource consents for discharges to land and water in the area.

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