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Oates St Air Quality

This site is located near the airport and gives a good representation of PM10 levels in relation to residential areas on the outskirts of Gisborne City.  


Monitoring at this site is recorded, unfortunately LAWA has problems displaying the data. Please contact Gisborne District Council for information on this site. 


PM10 is a pollutant of particular concern in New Zealand because: 

  • it is associated with severe health effects such as cancer, respiratory problems, and cardiovascular disease

  • relative to other pollutants, it is the pollutant that most frequently breaches national standards and international guidelines.

One high volume air sampler with PM10 attachment (to correlate to health effects)  operates at the permanent location of the Gisborne Meteorological Weather Station in Oates Street,(NZMS 260 Y18 438 East 707 North). It represents the residential fringe which has both urban and rural influence.  This C.E.S. machine draws approximately 70 cubic metres of air per hour and is operated one in every six days for 24 hours continuous monitoring. It is located on solid ground, away from obstructions and is calibrated every three months as per ESR recommendations. The machine is insulated to reduce the noise for nearby neighbours.

Monitoring has continued at this site since April 1993 and it has been identified as a suitable permanent reference monitoring site of national importance for PM10 particulate matter.


Scientific Indicators
Scientific data for this site

This dashboard shows information on the data collected by the regional councils for air quality scientific indicators: