Waihī Estuary at Pukehina

Toi Te Ora Public Health has issued  a health warning for Waihī Estuary at Pukehina, because of a bloom of potentially toxic algae. The algae are forming mats in the shallow areas of the estuary and these may float free and spread through the estuary.

People should avoid any activity which involves contact with the water in Waihī Estuary at Pukehina. Extra care should be taken to supervise children and dogs to prevent them from accidentally touching or ingesting the algae.  

Shellfish accumulate the toxin so people should avoid collecting shellfish from anywhere in Waihī Estuary or the estuary mouth.

Contact with toxic algae can cause asthma, hayfever attacks and skin rashes. If swallowed it may cause stomach upsets, headaches, tingling around the mouth, and in severe cases, muscle paralysis and difficulty breathing.

See the Toi Te Ora health warnings page https://www.toiteora.govt.nz/health_warnings for further information.